The MicroCosmic Oracle

6 years. Over 2000 hours of painting, designing, and writing. Countless hours of research and study. And now – it’s finally here. The MicroCosmic Oracle Deck is a labor of love that combines the fields of astrology, mythology, science, geometry, medicinal herbalism, and so much more to create a wholly unique experience. Whether you’re a total beginner to astrology and oracle decks or a seasoned pro looking for something new, this deck and its accompanying guidebook have it all.

This oracle deck focuses on the connections between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and outer world, the factual and spiritual. There are connections between the tiniest atomic orbits and the cosmic orbits of the planets. Connections between the distant zodiac constellations, the seasonal cycles on earth, and how they influence our inner worlds. My goal with this oracle deck is to bring this vision of interconnectedness to readers of all experience levels.