Adaptability- Gemini, Raccoons & Walnut

Gemini- May 21- June 20
Animal- Raccoon
Plant- Walnut Tree
Planet- Mercury
Element- Air
Number- 3

Astrology & Geometry: Geminis are said to be intelligent, curious, adaptable, and quick-witted. Gemini is the third house in the Western Zodiac, which is the house of learning, communication, and family relations. The third house is represented with triangular lines above and beneath the head of the raccoon.

Zoology: While many animal species have declined with human industrialization, the raccoon has adapted and thrived. They are omnivorous and have a wide range of food sources, and have high populations in urban areas, utilizing man-made structures for shelter and consuming food scraps from garbage cans. Raccoons are highly intelligent, can solve complex puzzles, and remember solutions to tasks for several years.

Folklore: The raccoon appears throughout Native American folklore as a trickster and clever problem solver. The raccoon dog, a species not related to raccoons but similar in appearance, is the subject of Japanese folklore as the bake-danuki, a shape-shifting supernatural animal.

Herbalism & Magic: Walnuts have long been associated with brain health in Ayurvedic medicine because they look like brains. Modern medical testing has indicating that consumption of walnuts can potentially improve brain function. In some European folk magic, placing walnut leaves around the head would ward off headaches.

*Herbalism information disclaimer- Never take medical advice from a painting.

2019, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, & embroidery floss.