I’m Julia Y, the creator of the MicroCosmic Oracle. My unique art style, combining collaged fabric, acrylic paint, embroidery floss, and nails, is something I’ve refined over nearly 2 decades of art study and practice. It allows me to create one-of-a-kind 3-D pieces inspired by everything from folklore and herbalism to science and geometry.

I love “witchy” art and design and want to bring beautiful, high-quality work to that space. I’m so excited about my MicroCosmic Oracle deck; I learned a lot about myself through its creation and my hope is that anyone who picks it up will learn about astrology, interconnectedness, and their own spirit.

You can learn more about my process here. And if you’re interested in seeing more of my art, I invite you to check out “All Illustrations” to explore my work and the inspirations behind the pieces!


• MFA in Illustration from University of Hartford – Hartford, CT – 2013—2015
• BFA in Illustration from Otis College of Art and Design – Los Angeles, CA – 1999—2003
• Coney Island Circus Sideshow School – Brooklyn, NY– 2005


• Portland Mercury- Cover artist for November 21st edition
• Seattle Stranger- “Top 13 Things to See at the November 2019 Capitol Hil Art Walk”
• Crosscut- “Things to do in Seattle November 21-27”


• Solo Exhibit- December 2023- Crystal Lounge.
• Gargoyles- September 2023- “Mushroom Show” group exhibit.
• Gargoyles- July 2023- “The Goddess Show” group exhibit.
• Push/Pull- December 2022- “The Good Scissors” group exhibit.
• Gargoyles- September 2022- “Mushroom Show” group exhibit.
• Gargoyles- June 2021- “The Goddess Show” group exhibit.
• Gargoyles- March 2020- “Monster Blossoms” group exhibit.
• Dream Hack Anaheim- February 2020- Industry Art Gallery.
• True Love Art- January 2020- “Multiple Directions” four artist exhibition.
• Gargoyles- December 2020- “Dark Winter’s Night” group exhibit.
Ghost Gallery- November 2019- Featured artist.
• True Love Art- November 2019- “About Time” group exhibit.
• Statix Gallery- May 2019- “May Flowers” group exhibit.
• Cunning Crow Apothecary – February 2017 – April 2017 – Solo exhibit.
• Ghost Gallery – 2014- 2019 – “Mini Art Extravaganza” Annual group exhibit of miniature art.
• Twilight Gallery – December 2015 – February 2016 – Group exhibit of miniature art.
• Solo Bar – October – December 2015 – Solo exhibit through Ghost Gallery.
• Joseloff Gallery at University of Hartford – July 2015 – MFA group exhibit.

Full resume and CV available upon request.