Justice- Libra, Owl & Linden Tree

Libra- September 23- October 22
Animal- Owl
Plant- Linden Tree
Planet- Venus
Element- Air
Number- 7

Astrology & Geometry: Libras are considered to be equitable, diplomatic, balanced, and good at compromise. Libra is the seventh house of the Western Zodiac, representing close relationships and legal matters. The seventh house is represented by the seven-pointed star, heptagons, and seven lines radiating from each of the owl’s eyes.

In Celtic Astrology the Owl is sometimes associated with the sign of Hawthorn for those born May 13- June 9.

Folklore: The Linden tree was considered sacred in Slavic mythology. Pre-Christian Germanic people would hold their legal proceedings beneath linden trees known as Gerichtslinde or “court linden.” It was believed that the tree would help to reveal the truth. In ancient Greece, owls were associated with the Goddess Athena and were a symbol of wisdom and justice. They appear in folklore throughout America, Europe, India, Asia and Africa.

Herbalism: Linden flowers have been used in medicinal herbalism to promote sweating and treat colds and flus.*

Zoology: Owls have exceptionally acute sight and hearing, aiding them in hunting prey in total darkness. They are able to rotate their heads 270 degrees to see behind them. Due to their unique feather structure, they are able to fly without their wings making any sound. Barn owls have been used in agriculture as a non-pesticide form of natural rodent control.

*Herbalism information disclaimer- Never take medical advice from a painting.

2019, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, embroidery floss & nails.

Artwork appeared on the cover of the Portland Mercury newspaper, November 21, 2019 edition.