Community- Aquarius, Wolves & Lupines

Aquarius- January 20- February 18
Animal- Wolves
Plant- Lupines
Planets- Saturn & Uranus
Element- Air
Number- 11

Astrology & Geometry: Aquarians are loyal, unconventional, community-minded, innovative, and visionary. Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac in Western Astrology, associated with friendship, organizations, dreams and ideals. There are eleven moons beneath the wolves to represent the eleventh house.

In Celtic Astrology the Wolf is associated with the sign of Reed for those born October 28- November 24.

Folklore: Wolves appear in folklore and religion throughout North America, Europe and Asia. They are often seen as a destructive force and are associated with witches.

Ecology: Lupines were named after wolves because they were thought to “wolf ” the nutrients out of the soil, but in truth both lupines and wolves are beneficial to their environments. Lupines improve the soil around them by fixing it with nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for most vegetables and crops. Lupines have been planted throughout Iceland to combat topsoil erosion.

Wolves are “keystone predators” who are critical to the survival of their ecosystem. By controlling populations of deer and elk, wolves protect stream vegetation which benefits beavers, songbirds, and improves the water quality in the stream.

Zoology: Mexican Grey Wolves were nearly hunted to extinction, less than 100 live in the wild throughout America. Wolf conservationists have been bolstering wild populations by introducing pups born in captivity into litters of new born wolves in the wild. The mother wolf will raise the introduced pups along with her own litter, increasing the wild population and adding genetic diversity to strengthen the species.

2019, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink & embroidery floss.

Original artwork has sold.