Optimism- Aquarius, Goldfinch & Thistles

January 20- February 18
Animal- Goldfinch
Plant- Thistles
Planet- Sun
Element- Air
Number- 11

Astrology & Geometry: Aquarians are unconventional, innovative, idealistic, and visionary. Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac in Western Astrology, associated with friendship, organizations, dreams and ideals. The eleventh house is represented by eleven rays and the 4+4+3 sided shapes in the image.

Botany & Zoology: Thistles are flowers that have evolved sharp barbs all over to protect themselves from being eaten by animals. The only animal this hasn’t deterred is the Goldfinch, who’s primary food source is the thistle. The goldfinch is able to safely perch upon the thistle, past the spines, and eat the seeds hidden within. It’s able to take a plant that is seen as a nuisance and turn it in to sustenance.

Folklore: The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland, and according to legend it played a part in defending the country from Norse invaders.

Herbalism: Milk Thistle is used medicinally for its anti-oxidant properties and has been shown to protect from liver damage and support the gallbladder and kidneys.*

*Herbalism information disclaimer- Never take medical advice from a painting.

2020, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, embroidery floss & nails.