Transformation- Pisces, Butterfly & Hyssop

Pisces- February 19- March 20
Intention- Transformation
Animal- Butterfly
Herb- Hyssop
Planets- Jupiter & Neptune
Element- Water
Number- 3

Herbalism & Magic: Hyssop is associated with purification and transformation, and is referenced as such in passages of the old testament of the bible. Hyssop is attractive to garden pollinators such as butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds.

Astrology: Pisceans are said to be spiritual, imaginative, soothing, and mysterious. The symbol for Pisces appears in the arrangement of the hyssop plants.

Zoology: The Fender’s blue butterfly is a species from the Willamette Valley in Oregon that was declared extinct in the 1930’s… until it reappeared in the 1980’s. The larvae of the species feed off of lupine plants, but the adults feed on an assortment of flowers.

Butterflies are often used as a symbol for transformation since they undergo a metamorphosis process that completely changed their physiology.

Geometry: Pisces occurs mainly in the third month of March. This painting includes 3 moons on each side, 3 triangles, and 3 stages of the butterfly life cycle are depicted.

2018, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink & embroidery floss.

Original artwork has sold.