Zodiac Series- Works in Progress

Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in Blog, Work In Progress, zodiac

While working on my paintings for the Zodiac series, I made two timelapse videos of my painting process. I set my camera to take a photograph every 5 seconds and condensed each of these 10 hours of paintings into a few minutes.


Here are some additional stills from the creative process for my Zodiac series.

Marker sketches for Virgo

Pencil drawings for Aquarius and Sagittarius

Final pencils for Leo

Drawing for Pisces, printed onto cotton fabric and cut out

Background splatters with a Taurus ready to be adhered

Virgo ironed on to her splatter background, ready for paint

A few stills from the time-lapse video of Pisces being ironed onto its background and painted


Process gif of Capricorn