Security- Taurus, Tortoise & Hawthorn Tree

Taurus- April 20- May 20
Animal- Tortoise
Plant- Hawthorn Tree
Planet- Venus
Element- Earth
Number- 2

Astrology: Taurus is associated with comfort, security, stability, and endurance. Taurus is the second house in Western Astrology, pertaining to possessions, finances, and generosity.

Hawthorn is a sign in Celtic Tree Astrology for those born May 13- June 9.

Zoology: Tortoises have a shell that protects them from predators. Tortoises are some of the longest living land animals in the world. Similar to the rings in a tree trunk, a tortoise’s shell has rings that can indicate its age.

Ecology: The Hawthorn tree makes an appealing habitat for many birds, toads, and insects. The tree provides fruits and flowers for food, and its spiny thorns protect inhabitants from predators.

Herbalism & Magic: Hawthorn trees bloom in early May in the British Isles and were linked with faeries and folk magic practices regarding love, marriage, and the holiday of Beltane. Hawthorn berries are used to support heart health and ease sore throats.*

Mythology & Folklore: In Indian, Chinese, and Native American cosmologies, the world was believed to be supported by a giant tortoise. Tortoises appear in folklore across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa and are often symbols of longevity, wisdom, and stability.

*Herbalism information disclaimer- Never take medical advice from a painting.

2019, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, embroidery floss & nails.

High quality reprints are available for purchase.