Harmony- Libra, Crane & Waterlillies

Libra- September 23- October 22
Animal- Crane
Plant-Water Lillies/ Lotus
Planet- Sun
Element- Air
Number- 7

Astrology & Geometry: Libras are considered to be equitable, diplomatic, cooperative, and concerned with aesthetics. Libra is the seventh house of the Western Zodiac, representing close relationships. The seventh house is represented by the seven-pointed star and the seven-sided shapes surrounding the crane.

In Celtic tree astrology, the Crane is associated with the Rowan sign for those born January 21- February 17.

Zoology: The Sandhill Crane is one of the oldest living species on the planet and has existed for over 10 million years. The crane is remarkable for it’s large size and beautiful dance displays of leaping, spinning, and bowing that it will perform for mating purposes or personal enjoyment.

Folklore: Cranes inhabit all continents except Antarctica and South America and appear in folklore everywhere they live. They are seen as a symbol of longevity, fidelity, and a connection to the afterlife. Across ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ireland, and West Africa the crane appears as the creator of language and poetry. Their graceful dances have inspired human dance forms and martial arts styles.

Botany & Folklore: Water Lillies and Lotuses resemble each other, but are not directly related. Collectively they exist across North & South America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. They appear in Native American Ojibwe, Hindu, Egyptian and Buddhist folklore and symbolism, often as a symbol of enlightenment and rebirth. Lotus & Water Lillies are inspirational because they raise themselves from the muck beneath the water while remaining beautiful and unsullied.

2020, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, embroidery floss & nails.