Protection- Aries, Rat, Mint, Moths & Snails

March 21- April 19
Intentions- Protection & Persistence
Animals- Rat, Snails, Moths
Herb- Mint
Planets- Mars, Sun
Elements- Fire, Air
Number- 4

Permaculture: Mint can be used as a companion plant to repel pests such as rodents, cabbage moths, and snails. Mint also has a tendency to be invasive and will quickly spread and take over a garden.

Herbalism & Magic: The smell of peppermint is invigorating and used to stimulate energy. Mint is associated with the element of air, while Aries is associated with the element of fire, so both elements are included in this image.

Rats and snails are both considered symbols of protection. Rats are also stubborn and really difficult to eradicate, and also can be seen as a symbol of resistance & persistence. Snails carry around their own protective armor in the form of their shell.

Astrology: Aries is considered protective, courageous, and suited for leadership. The shapes of the Aries symbol appear in the suspended threads and in the background of the painting.

Geometry: Aries occurs mainly in the 4th month of April. This painting includes 4 diamonds with 4 sides.

2018, 8x10", Acrylic paint, collaged fabric, ink, embroidery floss & nails.

High quality reprints are available for purchase.