The MicroCosmic Oracle


Available on backorder


The MicroCosmic Oracle is on back order! The first edition of decks will be shipping starting June 10th, 2024. 

The MicroCosmic Oracle is a 60-card divination deck inspired by astrology, herbalism, folklore, science, and the ways that these systems are interconnected. The structure of the deck is based on astrology and how the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars express themselves in each of the twelve zodiac signs, and I depicted each of these using the symbolism of animals, plants, and geometry.

You can see more information about this project on the Kickstarter page where it was funded.

Deck specifications:

  • 60 Cards- 2.75×4.75.” This is a pretty common size for divination decks and is small enough to be comfortably shuffled, but large enough to see the details of the artwork
  • Paper- 350gsm high-end quality art paper with glossy UV coating. Paper is FSC certified and comes from sustainable forests.
  • Card edges- Black rainbow foil edges on the cards!
  • Box- 5×6.5″ book shaped box with a magnetic closure flap
  • Guidebook- 4.5×6” ~200 page black and white guidebook

Deck includes:

  • 60 mixed-media illustrations created with cut fabric, paint, embroidery floss & nails
  • Introductory information on astrology and the characteristics of each planet & sign combination
  • Suggestions for ways to use an oracle deck
  • Animals from Western, Eastern & Celtic astrology
  • Cross-cultural folklore, magic, and deities corresponding to each of the animals & plants
  • Scientific plant & animal facts from biology, medicinal herbalism, ecology & botany
  • No AI was used in the creation of the art, writing, or design for this project