The MicroCosmic Oracle is a 60-card divination deck inspired by astrology, herbalism, folklore, science, and the ways that these systems are interconnected. The structure of the deck is based on astrology and how the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars express themselves in each of the twelve zodiac signs, and I depicted each of these using the symbolism of animals, plants, and geometry.

The connections I have drawn between astrology, animals, and plants are based on a mix of the scientific studies of biology, ecology, botany, and medicinal herbalism along with mythology, deities, and magical usages from cultures across the world. Each painting I created led me to learn something new about the symbolism I was using. I started seeing recurring synchronicities that connected each animal and plant to an astrological sign, finding ancient folk tales that were later backed up by modern science, and similar myths that different cultures across the world came up with independently. 

This oracle deck focuses on the connections between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the inner and outer world, the factual and spiritual. There are connections between the tiniest atomic orbits and the cosmic orbits of the planets. Connections between the distant zodiac constellations, the seasonal cycles on earth, and how they influence our inner worlds. 

My goal with this oracle deck is to bring this vision of interconnectedness to readers of all experience levels. If you have no previous knowledge of any of these subjects, the information in this oracle deck can be a gateway to deepening your understanding of astrology and yourself. Even if you are a professional astrologer with more knowledge and experience than I have, I hope that these depictions of astrological concepts as analogies to existing natural systems can give you new ways to visualize and connect to the material you already know.


  • Cards- 2.75×4.75.” This is a pretty common size for divination decks and is small enough to be comfortably shuffled, but large enough to see the details of the artwork
  • Paper- 350gsm high-end quality art paper with glossy UV coating. Paper is FSC certified and comes from sustainable forests. 
  • Card edges- Black rainbow foil edges on the cards!
  • Box- 5×6.5″ book shaped box with a magnetic closure flap
  • Guidebook- 4.5×6” ~200 page black and white guidebook

Resources for getting your birth chart

These are some of my favorite websites that offer free birth charts. You will get the most accurate information if you have the exact location and time of your birth.

AstroDienst– requires registration

Chani Nicholas– no email required, provides an analysis of planets and aspects

Co-Star Astrology– requires email