Lecture at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017 in Events, Sea Critters

Back in June, I took a trip down to Charleston, OR to the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology to meet up with John Megahan, one of my MFA classmates from University of Hartford. While there I assisted him in teaching the OIMB Summer Biological Illustration class over the weekend, where we introduced students to basic observational drawing techniques and did some graphite renderings of assorted skulls, shells and specimens.

During the week, John and I gave a presentation for the Summer Seminar Series titled “The Alliance of Art and Science” covering the interrelated functions of art and science, how they overlap, and how they have benefitted each other. Below is the video I put together with audio recorded from the lecture along with our slideshow. It’s about 85 minutes long and split in to two videos, the first which focuses on John’s part of the talk on scientific illustration, and the second has my section on art inspired by science, art created with science, and science inspired by art.



Here is John’s blog post about the class and the lecture.

John’s webpage with his awesome illustrations.

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