Kickstarter wrap up

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The Kickstarter was a huge success! Thanks again to all of my backers who made this happen.

The campaign is complete but the project is still viewable on Kickstarter.  I did a series of update posts that share info about the project, my process, and inspiration behind the zodiac series.

Here’s a video of the digital wallpapers that I offered as a reward-


2018 Zodiac Calendar now available on Kickstarter

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My Zodiac series is available on Kickstarter until December 1. In additional to calendars, postcards, and art prints, I am offering my original zodiac illustrations as a reward. The original illustrations are one-of-a-kind, so be ready to claim them early.

“Astronaut: The Best” at Seattle Indies Expo

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I’ve been working on the artwork for the video game “Astronaut: The Best” and we had the privilege of showing our game at the Seattle Indies Expo on September 03, 2017. The expo was a lot of fun, highlights included watching people’s facial expressions as they played our weird game, meeting many of the awesome developers and artists in the Seattle Indies crew, and making a life-size cardboard cut-out of one of my character designs.

Ars Technica mentioned us in their list of top indie games from PAX West 2017 (even tho we were not technically at PAX). They describe my art as “striking, landing somewhere between Tex Avery and John Kricfalusi,” which I take as a huge compliment.

Lecture at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

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Back in June, I took a trip down to Charleston, OR to the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology to meet up with John Megahan, one of my MFA classmates from University of Hartford. While there I assisted him in teaching the OIMB Summer Biological Illustration class over the weekend, where we introduced students to basic observational drawing techniques and did some graphite renderings of assorted skulls, shells and specimens.

During the week, John and I gave a presentation for the Summer Seminar Series titled “The Alliance of Art and Science” covering the interrelated functions of art and science, how they overlap, and how they have benefitted each other. Below is the video I put together with audio recorded from the lecture along with our slideshow. It’s about 85 minutes long and split in to two videos, the first which focuses on John’s part of the talk on scientific illustration, and the second has my section on art inspired by science, art created with science, and science inspired by art.



Here is John’s blog post about the class and the lecture.

John’s webpage with his awesome illustrations.

More info about the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. 

SCBWI Los Angeles Convention

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I attended the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators national conference in Los Angeles, CA July 7-10. I learned a ton from the four days of presentations and participated in the portfolio showcase. Here’s a photo from of my work at the showcase.

Zodiac Series- Works in Progress

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While working on my paintings for the Zodiac series, I made two timelapse videos of my painting process. I set my camera to take a photograph every 5 seconds and condensed each of these 10 hours of paintings into a few minutes.


Here are some additional stills from the creative process for my Zodiac series.

Marker sketches for Virgo

Pencil drawings for Aquarius and Sagittarius

Final pencils for Leo

Drawing for Pisces, printed onto cotton fabric and cut out

Background splatters with a Taurus ready to be adhered

Virgo ironed on to her splatter background, ready for paint

A few stills from the time-lapse video of Pisces being ironed onto its background and painted


Process gif of Capricorn


UW Maker Summit 2017

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I’ve been invited to judge the drawing & painting category at the UW Maker Summit this Saturday. Attendance is free and open to all, you don’t have to be a student at UW to participate.

Get more info HERE.

Studio Cats

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I was working on my Zodiac series last night, and Sammy decided he was a shawl.

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I've been listed on

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Astronaut: The Best at Emerald City Comic Convention

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Next week, my video game "Astronaut: the Best" will be at the Emerald City Comic Convention at the Indie Game Showcase!…

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